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Everyone Needs a Will!
Many people think that a will is only for the rich or those who want to set up trusts. This is untrue. A will is for everyone. If you want to choose who gets your property, takes care of your children, your money, and more, a will is for you.

If you die without a will your property usually will be divided as follows:

  • spouse and children -- spouse gets the first $50,000 and 1/2 the balance, children get the other 1/2;
  • spouse and no children -- spouse takes all;
  • children and no spouse -- childen take all;
  • parents and no children or spouse -- parents take all;
  • parents' descendants but no closer relatives -- descendants take all;
Your children
If you have children when you die and have no will the court will appoint a guardian to take care of your children who may have to post a bond. Additionally, every year legal papers will have to be filed. Further, money to be used for your children would require court approval. All of the money spent on this, could have been money spent on your child!!

Why should I have a will prepared for me?

Today you may easily purchase preprinted will forms, but they cannot explain all you need to know and you may not prepare you will in a legally valid manner. You can consider buying a "how-to" book, but you might miss an important legal issue that might save you money. In order to have a proper will, you need the legal advice and experience of an attorney that practices in this specific area of law.

For example: Did you know that some types of property held jointly with another person cannot be distributed by your will? Or that life insurance policies may or may not be distributed by your will depending on if a beneficiary is named? Or that your spouse has a right to a share of your estate even if you want to cut them out of your will?

Having a will prepared for you is inexpensive yet vital. Consult with an attorney today and protect your loved ones.


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